Leverage the analytical capabilities of our customers. That's Our Mission!

Customer Analytics Customer Analytics

Understand the customer journey and how to maximize the value. We Identify for each life-cycle stage the main business objectives and the recommended analytical methods.

  • Propensity Models; Cross/up-sell; Recommendation Systems and Next Best Action Models; Targeting and Campaign Optimization, Churn Models, Customer 360º Segmentation, RFM Analysis, among others.

We help you to define, design, develop and implement a project in Customer Analytics area.

Product Analytics Product Analytics

Identify your opportunities, detect patters in usage, preferences and choices of the customers.

  • Marketing Mix Optimization, Brand Perceptions Analysis, Segmentation Models, Price elasticity & impact, Product Innovations, Conjoint Analysis, A/B and Multivariate Testing, among others.

We help you to build better products and drive your strategy in order to improve your product experience.

Digital Analytics Digital Analytics

Activate and Optimize your digital transformation. Connect the Social to the business results.

  • Attribution Models, Path to Conversion, Web-analytics, Digital Profiling, Degree Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Social Network Analysis, among others.

We track your conversions, improve your targeting and optimize your onsite experience.

Surveys & Research Surveys & Research

With an extensive experience in designing and conducting research studies.

From study design, questionnaire writing, survey implementation, advanced statistical data analysis to report writing.

  • Survey design, complex samples, consumer market research, satisfaction models, brand awareness, preference and choice-based models, structural equation modeling, among others.

Our expertise will help you turn the maximum return from your research.


Our team of specialists will help you to became a truly data-driven organization.

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