What is Customer Analytics?

Customer Analytics is a critical part of an organization’s marketing strategy to design appropriate, accurate and successful offers for their products and services. Customer analytics includes processes and technologies including predictive analytics that help create relevant and timely marketing strategies, keeping in view data driven consumer insights.

Why is Customer Analytics Important?

At present, customer analytics is gaining incredible importance every passing day, for today’s customer is more knowledgeable, aware and connected than ever before. Today’s customer knows things like exactly what to buy and from where to buy. This is why, businesses need a deep insight into customer behavior to come up with relevant marketing strategies that will influence and attract more and more clients to buy their services. Hence, the better your insight into customer behaviour and preferences, the better you will be at devising strategies that will deliver exactly what your potential customers are looking for.

According to Forrester Research (2013)

Customer analytics solutions (technology, software, or services) allow firms to analyze customer data to optimize customer decisions and use the analytical insight to design customer-focused programs and initiatives that drive acquisition, retention, cross-sell/upsell, and targeted marketing campaigns. Some examples of customer-focused applications of analytics include customer segmentation, targeting, customer profitability analysis, next-best-offer analysis, profiling, and customer attrition assessment.

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