Data analytics tools are quite relevant for human resources to leverage employee information and take better and informed decisions in the prospect of employee growth. There is not one, but many ways in which data analytics tools are relevant and useful in the world of human resources. Some of these include:


Employee Performance Analysis

One of the most obvious ways in which data analytics tools are relevant for HR is in terms of employee profiling and analyzing performance, which is also the main job of HR’s worldwide. With the help of data analytics, the entire process of employee performance analysis can be made more effective and unbiased, by offering information that will help monitor employee performance and contribution to the organization in the best way possible. 


Benefit Analysis 

Most organizations offer certain benefits for its employees, like travel expenses, health insurance and training funds etc, that can be monitored with the help of data analytics tools to figure out if these provisions are helping the company in any way or not. Data analytics tools are also relevant for human resources to get an insight into employee performance and decide at what posts do they need to be promoted and when. 


Employee Satisfaction Analysis 

One of the most important ways in which human resources can benefit from data analytics is to keep a track on employee satisfaction and engagement levels. It is a part of the role of an HR to analyze employee satisfaction levels to keep them moving towards the much deserved career growth. And this process can be made effortless and accurate by using the most innovative tools offered in the data analytics space.


Analyzing Employee Retention 

Employee retention is one of the most important concerns for the human resources team in any organization. For employee attrition comes with the added financial burden on hiring and training of new employees. With the help of advanced data analytics tools, an organization’s HR can understand the factors influencing employee retention and take the right steps to work on areas that need special attention in this respect. On the whole, with the help of data analytics tools and statistics, HR’s can not only reduce chances of employee attrition, but also gain useful insight to emphasize on factors that can influence employee performance in the most organic way.