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Quark Data Analytics Platform

Secure & Easy-to-use

In secure and manageable environment the user can quickly extract insights from data.

You can gather the data through several formats and data types; create new variables; transform and select the cases of interest!

Examine U Data

You can examine and analyze data through proper data analysis for numerical and categorical variables. Check the results in a table or graphical manner.

Explore the relationships between variables. Test the significance of the relationship. Correlations (Pearson, Spearman), Chi-Square tests, T-Test for independent Samples, Mann-Whitney, Anova, Kruskal-Wallis, and much more.

Powerful tests

You can easily select and calculate the most commonly measures of scale reliability. Test if the Dimensions on your data are consistent.

Use Measures such as Cronbach Alpha Raw & Standardized, if item deleted, Guttman’s six, Intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC), and much more.

Analytical Arena - easily reach the next level

Leverage your data: Factor Analysis, Principal Components, Regression Models (Linear and Logistic), Cluster Analysis, Outlier Detection.

The user can fast & easy analyse, report and deploy insights and levagere your business decisions. The Analytical Arena guides data exploration and enables analytics creation in a effortless manner.

Amazing Data Analytics

Find a platform that helps you to extract insights from your data. Perform statistics with a trust environment.

Analytical Project Menu

Collect and Analyze Data

An easy-to-use Cloud Based Platform that allows users to Collect, Prepare and Analyse Data.

  • Import your data sets from multiple sources
  • Inspect your raw data
  • Create New Variables
  • Select the relevant cases for analysis
Analysis Result

Data Visualization

Graphical interface that allows you to extract insights from your data

  • Bar-charts & Pie-charts
  • Speedometers
  • Scatterplots
  • Perceptual Mapping
Analytical Arena

Data Analysis

In a secure environment perform data analysis, apply tests and check the results with the help of our tips & hits

  • Robust Statistical Tests
  • Advanced Modeling techniques
  • Guidelines to interpret your results
  • Deploy/Share your analysis in multiple formats
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